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TMEP-4050 Cliche UV Exposure Machine with Vacuum

It can be applied for thick steel plate, thin steel plate and photo-polymer plate image, screen frame, etc.

    Basic Info.

    TMEP-4050 cliche UV exposure machine with vacuum


    This machine is new launched model based on customer’s requirements, with compact structure, computer control, data displaying, parameter storage, intelligent design, ease of operation and quick to exposure.

    Technical Parameters

    Diazo film exposure times as long as the 380S~600s will be able to meet the requirements

    lamp F40W/T10/154 1200MM dia32mm 2500lm

    TMEP-4050 UV Exposure Unit For Pad Plate

    Working table type

    10mm High transmittance Glass

    Lamp cover

    Stainless steel reflection cover, automatically door

    Max Exposure Area


    Max frame size


    Lamp wattage

    220V, 15W*8

    Vacuum degree




    Plate type

    Pad plate, ZN-Plate, Cooperplate, Polymer plate, screen frame


    A low cost and convenient exposure unit for pad stencil exposure. It can be applied for thick steel plate, thin steel plate and photo-polymer plate image, screen frame, etc. The built-in digital timer provides excellent exposure timing control. With vacuum and rubber to ensure well exposure condition. 


    1, UV curing lamp in two ways: 
    (UV mercury lamps) UV curing lamps generally contain mercury wavelengths (250-420) peak 365nm. UVLED curing lamps, light emitting diodes have peak 395,365,385,375. 
    2, the exposure lamp containing gallium iodide wavelength (350nm-450nm), peak 417nm. 

    Application of two light sources are not the same industry, a mercury lamp UV curing UV inks UV glue; exposure lamp is mainly used in the PS plate exposure, non-silver films, diazonium salt film, dry film solder mask, wet film, green solder resist , liquid photosensitive solder resist, screen, film, resin version, PCM diazo film and other photosensitive material exposure.

    Our Services

    Quality guarantee & Service 

    1. Each machine is manufactured by professional experienced staff. 

    2. Production process is under strict supervision and adopts China and world top production engineering.

    3. The warranty time is one year. Quick-wear part is excluded.

    4. When warranty date expires, lifetime maintenance service is provided.

    Price governs while the quality is the same.

    Service governs while the price equals.

    we promise to offer perfect after-sale service!


    Tamprinter Printing Machinery, one of the largest China tmep-4050 cliche uv exposure machine with vacuum manufacturers and suppliers, is one of the most famous brands in the world. Equipped with a professional factory, we can offer you tmep-4050 cliche uv exposure machine with vacuum with high precision and reliable performance in short time when you place an order. Welcome to buy our quality equipment made in China and experience our customized service.

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