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TMEP-80100 UV Exposure Unit for Screen Printing Machines

TMEP-80100 Screen exposure machine Technical parameter: TMEP-80100 3KW lamp, 40W fan * 2pcs, shutter motor 250W, pump 450W Package1.35x1.23x1.2m Change to 220v need add fee. Application: It is apply to the exposing operation of very fine screen. Features: 1. Plate vasorb, high elasticity import...

    TMEP-80100 Screen exposure machine

    Technical parameter: 

    Model No.





    frame size










    Outside size





    TMEP-80100 3KW lamp, 40W fan * 2pcs,  shutter motor 250W,  pump 450W  Package1.35x1.23x1.2m

    Change to 220v need add fee.


    It is apply to the exposing operation of very fine screen.


    1. Plate vasorb, high elasticity import rubber cloth makes plate linked closely with photographic plate, really reappearing the picture of the photographic plate.

    2. Import the whole Philips zone system, light intensity stable and even.

    3. Reach the vacuum state in moment, save the time of plate making.

    4. Easy to operate, the time of exposing can be adjusted.

    Performance characteristics:

    1. Copying light source are imported high-quality lamp (PHILIPS), long life, high light efficiency, spectral output precise features.

    2. Power, can instantly enter the start; with automatic vacuum adsorption, exposure and other functions.

    3. High vacuum pump, high precision, stable performance, to ensure that the network version of the film with the closely integrated sample, drying out of the screen pattern more clear and realistic.

    4. Built-in exposure light shading board, the shading plate from the micro-motor control access, exposure to shade out, the replacement of the sun, screen shading into the block light, which does not need to switch the exposure button to save the time for the network version of the network.

    Working principle

    Using a vacuum pump to evacuate the air between the glass table and the black blanket to create a space

    A negative pressure, and blankets will be pressed by the negative pressure screen, film, and then through the role of ultraviolet light irradiation,You can sun out a clear pattern.

    Maintenance and precautions

    1. In the copy, the glass surface must be kept clean, no scratches. Blanket can not be with the days of water, battery water and so on solvent contact.

    2. In the copy before, if the grease or tape and other stolen goods on the glass, water and alcohol can be erased, so as not to shadow sound quality.

    3. In the use of UV exposure lamp, should pay special attention: each exposure is completed, should wait 15 to 50 minutes, until the purple external lights slightly cool down in order to carry out the second copy. Otherwise, the UV lamp will not start, will lead to shorter life expectancy of the UV lamp.

    4. With the hardness of ordinary rubber pad in the screen version of the board, can extend the life of the blanket.

    5. Six months should check the circuit, a vacuum pump, and the grounding resistance is less than 4 ohms.

    6. The light emitted by the lamp strong ultraviolet spectrum, the operator in the normal work, should not be directly in contact with light, indeed ensure the safety and health of operators.

    7. Trigger the lamp, the trigger voltage is high, should be a good grounding to ensure safe operation.

    8. Replace the lamp


    Be sure to turn off the power before replacing the lamp. When the lamp is used for a long time, the light efficiency is too low or the trigger does not shine, should replace the new lamp. Method is to remove the lamp from the column, hand into the lamp from the light box below, so that flip down, release the fixing screw, speaking lamp carefully removed from the marble, and then the new lamp from the new installed on a good fixed, the stains on the lamp can be used cotton dipped in a little alcohol gently scrub clean.


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