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TM-AG900 High Quality Automatic Glitter Powder Coating Machine

Speed adjustable Efficient Maximum save your cost

    Basic Info.

    Tamprinter glitter powder machine

    The operating principle is:

    The first printed pattern, 
    Before the ink is not dried, dusting 
    Excess powder not stick on ink, Shake down 
    Gold glitter

    Technical parameter:

    Commodity name

    Automatic gold powder machine



    Conveyor belt width (mm)


    Paper thickness

    more than 80g





    Dusting width



    It is apply to the color powder spraying of the greeting cards, textile, vanities, leather, etc.

    An after-printing machine instead of traditional hand glitter powder printing; easy use; non-dusting; used with screen printing machine can increase efficiency greatly, increase the use rate of glitter powder; make various pictures with glitter powder.

    If necessary, connect to UV light curing unit and infrared-ray dryer, etc.

    Key components, such as conveyer belt, blower, transducer are imported from advanced technology country, so that the machine will be more steady and durable.

    Stick gold powder, Use white glue will be cheaper than the uv glue, but be sucked particles clog the suction inlet, need to often clean  the suction inlet.

    Automatic Powder Spraying Machine is a post-press equipment to replace traditional color power managed by hand, applicable for spot power glittering, surface bulging with power and similar color power finishing atts of poster, card, painting and film. The core parts such as conveyer belt, ventilator and frequency converter are all imported. Whole adjusted operated, it is easy to operate and is easy to be connected to drying/UV drying equipments.


    1, Speed adjustable, Efficient, Powder spray and powder collection at the same time.

    2,Incease the Utilization of glitter, maximum save your cost

    3, without dust polution, more health to factory staff

    4,easily to be connected with glue machine, screen printing machine, drying, UV curing machine etc.

    5, the most easy operation machine.

    6, we had make all complication adjustment improve into  final very easy adjustment 

    7,Full machine intalled, every machine after full test.

    Payment Terms︰ T/T L/C Western Union

    Automatic gold powder machine1.jpg

    Tamprinter Printing Machinery, one of the largest China tm-ag900 high quality automatic glitter powder coating machine manufacturers and suppliers, is one of the most famous brands in the world. Equipped with a professional factory, we can offer you tm-ag900 high quality automatic glitter powder coating machine with high precision and reliable performance in short time when you place an order. Welcome to buy our quality equipment made in China and experience our customized service.

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