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TM-250S Φ80MM Pen Pencil Pipe Screen Printing Machine

1. Microcomputer control, high automatic functions. 2. Easy setting and operating. 3. Multi-functional mould meets all printing demands. 4. Adjustable printing speed. 5. Suits for different material.

    TM-250S Φ80MM pen pencil  pipe  Screen Printing machine

    Model No︰TM-250S


    Country of Origin︰China

    Minimum Order︰1 SET

    Technical parameters:

    Max diameter printing


    Workpiece inclination

    about +14degree--- -7degree

    Max printing speed


    Air consumption



    110/220V  60/50Hz 







    Printing Area

    Printing Speed

    Power Supply

    Shape of Workpiece

    TM- 250s

    Φ70*200 (cylindrical surface)




    110/220V SPN 100W


    Φ200*200 (elliptical surface)

    AIR5-6KG/ c㎡ Conic

    Machine features:  
    1. Microcomputer control, high automatic functions. 

    2. Easy setting and operating.

    3. Multi-functional mould meets all printing demands.       

    4. Adjustable printing speed.

    5. Suits for different material.

    Random accessories:

    One Tool box, one piece of Chinese specifications, one set of tongs, one set of Allen key, One set of Philip's head screw, one of the located air cylinder. 


    This machine is suitable for printing on the surface of cylindrical, conical and oval object; such as paper cups, lipstick, cosmetic bottles, scour bottles, drink bottles, pots, oil-filter shell etc, the materials that is made of metal, plastic, ceramic, glass, wood, paper and so on. With the perfect design and innovation technology, ensure the fast printing speed and good printing quality.

    Our Services

    1.The guarantee time is 1 years, and maintain is lifelong. During this time, if any work piece does not work well and which is not caused by worker and can not control naturally, the supplier provide it free of charge, but the carrier cost must be in buyer's side.

    2.The supplier must make sure the machine all work well before package.

    3.We will provide the working video after delivery the machines.

    4.Welcome your engineers to come to our factory for training.


    Own Production Lines

    Own production line with more than 13years of experience in screen printing and have met the CE standard.

    Fun & Efficient Communication

    Professional sales team is at your service online, that will give a pleasant communication with you andhelp easily determine your order.

    Reliable Material Suppliers

    Stable and reliable material suppliers chain support to ensure lower cost and most competitive price.


    Tamprinter Printing Machinery, one of the largest China tm-250s φ80mm pen pencil pipe screen printing machine manufacturers and suppliers, is one of the most famous brands in the world. Equipped with a professional factory, we can offer you tm-250s φ80mm pen pencil pipe screen printing machine with high precision and reliable performance in short time when you place an order. Welcome to buy our quality equipment made in China and experience our customized service.

    Welcome to contact us if you have any question!

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