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TM-LED600-6 MDF Plate Mini LED UV Dryer Machine Manufactures

No heat radiation No environmental pollution Super illuminance

    Basic Info

    Model No.︰TM-LED600-6

    Brand Name︰Tamprinter

    Country of Origin︰China

    Unit Price︰US $ 3500 / set

    Minimum Order︰ 1 set


    LED UV dryer

    What product you need to cured , or how much radiation intensity, we can customize.

    Cooling: water cooling system






    220V 50HZ


    395 ~400 NM

    6 row


    ≈3kw gallium lamp 

    8sec 32000mj

    TM-LED-600-5600*60mm500W1000USD220V 50HZ3+26kg395 ~400 NM5 row





    220V 50HZ


    395 ~400 NM

    6 row 






    single Wavelength


    UV-LED compared to traditional mercury characteristics:
    Compared with traditional UV curing equipment, its mercury lamp life of only 200-2000 hours using life UV LED UV curing system reaches 20000-30000 hours. LED mode can be only when you need instant light ultraviolet light, according to LED work life equivalent to more than 50 times the mercury method. Reducing lamp replacement time: improve production efficiency, but also very energy efficient. Traditional lamp way curing equipment at work, since the mercury slow start, the opening and closing affect lamp life, must have been lit, not only cause unnecessary power consumption and shorten the working life of a mercury lamp.  
    No heat radiation  
    High-power LEDs do not emit infrared. Product surface temperature is below 5 ° C irradiation, while the traditional lamp way UV curing machine usually makes the irradiated surface of the product rises 60-90 ° C, the positioning of the product is displaced, resulting in poor product. Heat-sensitive UV-LED curing methods most suitable plastic substrate, lens bonding and electronic products, optical fiber cable and other high-precision bonding process requirements.  
    Environmental pollution  
    The traditional way of curing machine uses a mercury lamp mercury lamp light way, mercury, waste disposal, transportation is very troublesome bulb, improper handling will cause serious environmental pollution. The LED curing type semiconductor shine, no pollution to the environment factors. Therefore, the use of LED curing lights more environmentally friendly formula.  
    Super illuminance  
    UV LED special structure it has a directional illumination function, because of its super-concentrated illumination, compared with a mercury lamp, UV LED shorten the exposure time job, which greatly improves production efficiency.  
    Low energy consumption  
    High UV LED lamp way than the way of the effective luminous efficiency of more than 10 times. Traditional UV mercury lamp lights before using pre-lit, use the switch can not be interrupted, continuous light use only, a great waste of energy! The UV-LED which means that it can be used, without waiting, with the open with off does not affect the life and use!  

    UV-LED range of applications and some examples:  
    1, UV shadowless glue curing, printing UV ink curing, drying, curing, copy, exposure, cleaning;  
    2, nail beauty, sterilization, medical, adhesive treatment;  
    3, night fishing trapping mosquitoes, looking scorpion;  
    5, forensic traces of blood, human and other fluids court investigation  
    6, industrial fluorescent dye leak investigation - HVAC, automotive, etc.  
    7, counterfeiting investigation - currency, antiques, paintings, art, fluorescence analysis, counterfeit detection, identification and other artifacts  
    8, mineral lighting equipment and lighting - to see jade gemstone jewelry luminous  
    9, home and hotel check - isolated animals, insects and humans fluid  
    10, crystal, glass inspection and repair;  
    11, plant lighting, born in coloring, seed cultivation  
    12, PCB areas: exposure, curing, copy, dried  
    13, FPD areas: exposure, curing, copy, cleaning  
    14, food water treatment areas: sterilization, deoxygenation, TOC decomposition, food preservation  
    15, the medical and biochemical fields: sterilization, phototherapy, clean air, isotope separation, genetic engineering  
    16, furniture apparel areas: drying, curing, copy  
    17, special effects projection areas: screen projection, special effects lighting

    Price-UVLED light and UV light Contrast:  
    1, long life: life is more than 20 times that of conventional lamp-type machine.  
    2, cold light source, no heat radiation, surface temperature is low according to the article, to solve the traditional problem of thermal injury. Especially for liquid crystal edge, film printing, etc.  
    3, heat a small, traditional equipment can solve the problem of large heat.  
    4, instant light, no warm-up instantly reach 100% power UV output.  
    5, the opening and closing times life is not affected.  
    6, high energy, light output stable, good illumination uniformity effect, improve production efficiency.  
    7, do not contain mercury, it does not produce ozone, it is to replace traditional light source technology a safer, more environmentally friendly alternative.  
    8, low energy consumption, power consumption is only 10% of the traditional-style lamp, can save 90% power.  
    9, the maintenance cost is almost zero.

    Please contact us for more information!

    Contact US

    ADD: 111, Fourth Industrial Zone, Guanlan Town, Shenzhen 518110

    TEL: +86-755-2314-8182

    MB:  +86-159-9474-4161


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