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TM-LED800 Manual Membrane LED UV Light Source Curing System

Save energy Easy to wash Save space High gloss Less waste

    Basic Info.

    TM-LED800 Manual Membrane LED UV Light Source Curing System

    Technical parameter:

    Input voltage

    AC220-240 - v 

    Cooling way

    forced water cooling 

    Water-cooled machine size

    470 mm * 260 mm * 260 mm 

    Belt width

    800mm teflon 





    Wire and pipe size

    5 m 

    UV LED band

    365 nm, 395 nm 

    UV LED light intensity

    365 nm (1200 mw/cm2-1600 mw/cm2) 

    395 nm (2800 mw/cm2-3600 mw/cm2) 

    Effective radiation area

    75 mm * 25 mm 


    2 years warranty

    Import of vertical structure light source: the Taiwan chip, quartz lens encapsulation, 120-200 - w, small size, high power, fast curing 

    Control mode: 
    A key switch: to control the light output on/off. 
    Adjustable power set: UV energy using the infinite set arbitrary between 0-100%. 
    Intelligent protection: intelligent temperature and water flow cut-off alarm protection, temperature alarm value can be set, and water power. 

    UV LED light source characteristics: 
    1. No solvent - the greenhouse effect. 
    2. Conducive to environmental protection. 
    3. The work sites and no pollution. 
    4. Quick production. 
    5. Room temperature curing. 
    6. Product has unique properties. 
    7. To save energy. 
    8. Easy to wash. 
    9. Save space. 
    10. High gloss. 
    11. Less waste. 
    12. Method diversity, adaptability, product replacement fast. 
    While traditional mercury lamp calorific value is big, need special exhaust system, and the curing of heat sensitive material application is restricted. Light intensity on mercury lamp (point or bar) as the center showed a trend of decreasing step by step, uneven illumination, lead to products not consistency, reduce product percent of pass. 

    Tip: We can manufacture according to customer’s requirement. We can do any curing width, pls advise the max curing width you need !!!!

    Membrane UV Drying.jpg

    Tamprinter Printing Machinery, one of the largest China tm-led800 manual membrane led uv light source curing system manufacturers and suppliers, is one of the most famous brands in the world. Equipped with a professional factory, we can offer you tm-led800 manual membrane led uv light source curing system with high precision and reliable performance in short time when you place an order. Welcome to buy our quality equipment made in China and experience our customized service.

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