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TM-UV-F1 Offset UV Dryer

TM-UV-F1 Offset UV Dryer

Product Description 1, Weight: 500 (Kg) 2,Total power: 2*5.6kw or 2*8kw+90w(5k) 3, Belt width: 800mm 4, Body size: 283*139*159cm 5,Electric control box size: 82*70*113cm offset uv dryer Dimension: outline size customized according to your offset printing machine, Butt paper receiving port width...

    Product Description

    1, Weight:                              500 (Kg)  
    2,Total power:                       2*5.6kw or 2*8kw+90w(5k)  
    3, Belt width:                         800mm

    4, Body size:                          283*139*159cm

    5,Electric control box size: 82*70*113cm

    offset uv dryer

    Type Power UV Lamp

    Insert width





    Distance from belt to ground




    Electric control box size(cm)

    Body size


    offset print speed


    Sheet size


    TM-UV-F1 380v 3phase 2pcs*5.6kw  850   400 500  60*97*99 270*110*135 2000    
    TM-UV-F2 380v 3phase 2pcs*8kw 850   400 500 60*97*99 270*110*135 3000    
    TM-UV-F3 380v 3phase 4pcs*8kw 1100   820 1000 no 400*135*145 6500    
    TM-UV-F4 380v 3phase 3pcs*9.6kw 1100   820 1200 60*97*99 400*135*145 6500    
    TM-UV-F5 380v 3phase


    620 900 450 700 60*97*99 400*135*145 6000


    2 group Transformer can controll stepless adjust lamp brightness 30%~100%

    Dimension: outline size customized according to your offset printing machine,  

    Butt paper receiving port width height and depth size etc., then to determine the size of UV machine. you must provide 2D drawing.

    Machine can be redesigned according to your specific requirements.



    (1) With teflon or stainless street net, trasmit speed steady and can be adjusted (0-70m).

    (2) With two UV lighting tubes, can turn on the light according to the need.

    (3) Wink-dry make the surface of the stocks high hardness and rub resistance.

    (4) Tunneling-based make the whole machine light barrier good and without harm.

    (5) Equipped with powerful nether induced draught system and big intake airway, can absorb the stock on the mesh belt hard.

    (6) Can be used with production line and other equipment easily.

    Special UV machine of printing machine: Exact design, complete function, stable performance, each switch is obvious and easy to distinguish, simple and convenient operation, optimal high quality printing machine connecting UV solidifying machine and best partner of Heidelberg, Man Roland and Komori and so on. 
    Quality, special design, and advantages of main parts: 
    (1)Adopt imported UV light tube, and have long useful time, and more stable wavelength. 
    (2)Adopting glisten film made in Germany and installing specially designed focused lampshade can promote UV energy effectively, and make the solidifying ability of the machine stronger. 
    (3)Exclusive design of ultralow temperature of irradiated area makes printing heat sensitive paper, film, and 0.05mm thin film not become deformed, and reprint exact. 
    (4)The machine adopts specially designed heat removal system, drops off UV heat, and also does not lower UV energy, makes materials stable, does not float, stop, trap in the light chest 
    (5)Light source is divided into bright light, middle light, and dim light, unattached switch allocating energy-saving leakage transformator produced by the factory make the energy of UV light exert to the highest-level, meanwhile save electric power changes. 
    (6)The machine is equipped with transformer and overtemperature protection device of lighting tube. 
    (7)Divided design (fuselage is separated from mainframe) is easy to operate, and can be pushed. 
    (8)The machine prints with printing machine at the same time: discharge velocity of rapid solidifying is 70m per minute(mph 6000 pieces of paper). 
    (9)The machine has many types, and can be made to order according to the requirements of customers, the solidifying speed is 5-70m/min and can be adjusted.

    Payment Terms︰ T/T, L/C, West Union

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