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TM-IR-P Water Screen Furniture Paint Booth/infrared Paint Dryers

A unique insulation Thermal break technology Patents energy-saving systems Energy efficient and environmentally safe

    TM-IR-P water screen furniture paint booth infrared paint dryers


    Liner Size

    L9000 * W1500 * H300 (mm)


    L12000 * W1750 * H1660 (mm)

    Design temperature

    room temperature -180 ℃ adjustable

    Transport mechanism

    Teflon conveyor belt, effective width 1500mm

    Conveying speed

    0.5-3M / Min adjustable

    Heating system

    infrared heat pipe heat


    A unique insulation, thermal break technology, patents energy-saving systems, energy efficient and environmentally safe!


    Electric Infrared is particularly suited for heating sheet plastic prior to forming. For many systems, products that are less that 0.25" in thickness can be successfully raised to forming temperature with heaters on one side only. On thicker material, two sided heating is recommended.

    Zone control is especially important to heat areas of the sheet that will have larger bend depths so as not to distort the flatter areas.

    Systems can be provided with complete enclosures, conveyors and PLC recipe driver control systems.

    1. Mirror stainless steel liner, cleanliness better;

    2. Internal insulation using high-quality materials, good thermal insulation effect;

    3. Heating time fast, accurate and stable temperature;

    4. Dual over-temperature protection, safe and reliable electrical control;

    5. Conveyor frequency control, adjustable conveying speed stability;

    6. The belt has anti-offset device, the conveyor belt adjustable elastic;

    7. Intelligent temperature controller, PID automatic calculation, LED display;

    8. Imports SSR / SCR output control unit, high precision temperature control;

    9. Domestic first-class thermal insulation, thermal break technology, sealing effect is remarkable;

    10. Body shell temperature is low, less impact on the ambient room temperature;

    11. Energy saving, safety and environmental protection


    1)Delivery way:by ship,by air,or by courier for small quantity

    2)Delivery time:It depended on the quality and the product.

    Payment terms

    T/T,  L/C, Western Union

    About us

    1.Low MOQ: It can meet your low qty demand very well.

    2.Good Service : We treat clients business as our own business.

    3.Good Quality :We have strict QC quality control system .Good reputation in the market.

    4.Fast & Cheap Delivery: We have big discount from shipping forwarder (Long Contract).


    Tamprinter Printing Machinery, one of the largest China tm-ir-p water screen furniture paint booth/infrared paint dryers manufacturers and suppliers, is one of the most famous brands in the world. Equipped with a professional factory, we can offer you tm-ir-p water screen furniture paint booth/infrared paint dryers with high precision and reliable performance in short time when you place an order. Welcome to buy our quality equipment made in China and experience our customized service.

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