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TMP-6090 High Quality CE Oblique Arm Type Flat Screen Printer

sensitive, balanced speed, speed adjustable frequency control, the machine runs smoothly equipped with a safety device

    Product Description:

    TMP-6090 high quality CE Oblique arm type flat screen printer

    Technical Parameter:

    Model No.


    Size of printing table (mm)


    Max printing area (mm)


    Max network installation (mm)


    Min network installation (mm)


    Substrate thickness (mm)

    0-20  0-50

    Printing speed (pcs/h)


    Working pressure(Mpa)


    Air consumption(0.6Mpa)(L/pc)


    The minimum height of the table(Relative to the ground)mm







    220V 50Hz



    2. Application 

    Flat Screen Printer of this series is widely used in the packaging industry (cigarette packaging, wine packaging, gift packaging and other card paper printing) trademark, calendar, oil painting, computer keyboards, paintings, iron-on transfers, credit cards, stickers, printing; also suitable for the printing of the electronics industry. 

    3. Performance characteristics

    (1). Printing machine is driven by motor drive, which is belt drive, sensitive, balanced speed, speed adjustable. 
    (2). Oblique arm lifting motor, frequency control, the machine runs smoothly.
    (3). Blade and back blade pressure regulating device, and can be adjusted to the thickness and size of printing. 
    (4). Vacuum adsorption fixed printing pieces. 
    (5). The printing plate has up and down, left and right, before and after tuning device, which makes it  works accurate and convenient on board. 
    (6). Equipped with a safety device so that the oblique arm is stopped in an upper position having a reliable security. 
    (7). Electronic control unit centralized control by the microcomputer controller, the whole operation more simple, flexible, and easy maintenance. 

    About company:

    Tamprinter printing machinery group limited is one of the most professional plastic printing machine supplier in China. We have supplied OEM service for the domestic counterparts since 2003. OEM products have been achieved CE certification. 
    Due to business expansion, Shenzhen Tamprinter printing machinery limited International trade department have been separated from the parent company in March 2013. 
    Business scopes
    1. Research, develop, produce and sell: Screen printer,  Pre-post printer(UV curing machine, Flame treatment machine, UV exposure machine, Silk mesh tighten stretching machine, Screen stencil drying oven, Silk screen frame exposure machine, oven, IR drying tunnel conveyer ),Pad printer,  Hot stamping machine; 
    2. Trade and authorize for the patent of the above products, Services about design, testing, maintenance, and technical consulting; 
    3. Valet Manufacture: flame treatment gun, screen frame, Screen Stencil, pad, steel plates, film, Drying Racks Trolley and the relative moulds, jigs and parts; 
    4. Sale by proxy the relative supporting materials: printing ink, Ink Adjustment tool, Rubber pads Materials, Pad Printing Blade, ink cup and ring, Pad holder, ink roller, Screen Silk, Aluminium Screen Frame, Rubber Squeegee, sensitive emulsion, Emulsion Coating tool, Etching powder, Sensor Switch, Tension meter, Spraying gun, Circuit board, Inkwell, Solenoid Valve, hot stamping foil, High temperature tape, Stamp plate, Silicon rubber roller, Heat transfer paper, High temperature glue, UV lamp, UV lamps Trigger etc; 
    5. Import and export business of the above items.

    6. Our engineer can communicate with clients at anytime in English, design development use UG, Pore,Autocad, Mastercam, Photoshop, AI, Coreldraw;



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