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Infrared Lamp  IR drying System  from Yokistar

Infrared Lamp IR drying System from Yokistar

? Product Details TM-IR1500-15 15m Electrical Transformer dispensing Industrial infrared tunnel dryer Parameter: Energy efficient advantages: 1. Energy: Infrared Convection Oven power than ordinary furnace small 1 / 3 , warming fast start ( 2-10 points can be raised to 200 degrees ) , the...

    Tamprinter Printing Machinery, one of the largest China infrared lamp ir drying system from yokistar manufacturers and suppliers, is one of the most famous brands in the world. Equipped with a professional factory, we can offer you infrared lamp ir drying system from yokistar with high precision and reliable performance in short time when you place an order. Welcome to buy our quality equipment made in China and experience our customized service.

    ?Product Details


    TM-IR1500-15 15m Electrical Transformer dispensing Industrial infrared tunnel dryer





    sus   Belt to earth


    Total   wattage


    Wind   fan wattage


    Conveyer   motor wattage


    ConveyEr   speed


    Speed   adjustment


     Heater   Lamp wattage


    Max   height of production




    Conveyer   width


    Entering   length


    Heat   area


    Cool   area Length


    Exit length


    Total   Length


    Energy efficient advantages:

    1. Energy: Infrared Convection Oven power than ordinary furnace small 1 / 3 , warming fast start ( 2-10 points can be raised to 200 degrees ) , the thermostat automatically reduces small current wave ( energy savings of 30% -70 % )

    2. Efficient : Infrared Convection Oven direct radiation makes the product molecular oscillation product , so the product simultaneously inside and outside heat, fast drying product moisture , direct -saving 5-10 times .

    3. Quality and stability : infrared light to heat pipe heat inside and outside at the same time , the internal water discharged in time , the product surface is not easy to blister, uniform color appearance .

    4. Green Explosion : Infrared Convection Oven baking time is short, short residence time before curing , the time to reduce pollution and harmful gases discharged in time , not stuffy harmful in the furnace , the furnace safe and clean , easy to produce flammable gas deflagration and other risks

    Key Specifications/Special Features:

    Suspended rail infrared lamp in spray booth

       The automotive spray booth is specially designed for  the customers’ needs. It plays a vital role in repairing and manufacturing various transportation facilities.
       The extraction way is by basement with full grilles, then the waterborne paint system and suspended rail infrared lamp will be light up your eyes, which can be moved from front to rear or left to right. All critical electric elements adopt superb brands which come from Schneider or APT and so on, in order to ensure reliability, security and efficiency of painting spray booth.
    1) External dimension of car spray booth is 12000*5000*4000mm (L*W*H), and a personal door is utilized with the size of 800*2000mm, it’s assembled with a pressure lock.
    2) EPS insulation wall panel of 70mm thickness and the colorful steel panel of 0.426mm thickness can make the spray painting room more strength.
    3) 12 units*4pcs*36W ceiling light and 13 units*4pcs*36W side light which derived from Philips brand can guarantee abundant lighting, moreover, all are equipped with well-known brand electronic ballasts as a result of more stable performance than former.
    4) Two sets of 7.5kw centrifugal fans for supplying air and two sets of 7.5kw belt-drive centrifugal fan with large impeller for exhausting air, which is famous for guaranteeing the air circulation ratio and benefiting to exhausting of paint mist.
    5) Exhaust fan is equipped with a heat recovery unit, which is pretty energy-saving and eco-friendly.
    6) RG5S oil burner of Italy Riello is applied with, which offer a maximum heating productivity of 260,000kcal/h.
    7) Primary pocket shaped filter and ceiling filter can ensure the wonderful filtering effect, then providing a clean working environment.

    What’s more, the spray booth can be changed into following:

    1) Changed to without basement, but with 2 rows of grilles.
    2) The different size of industrial spray booth can be designed to meets your requirements.
    3) Changed to electric roller to make it more convenient and looks wonderful.
    4) Added 3-axis platform lift on both sides of spray booth in result of easily paint operation.
    5) Wall panel can modified to rock wool insulation which is fireproof for making it has better heat preservation.
    6) Oil burner can be changed into gas burner which is more environmental.

    Delivery Details:


    By sea: EXW / FOB / CIF / C&F

    By air: TNT /  Dpex / DHL / Fedex / UPS / EMS


    We care about all details of our machines

    We demand best printing result

    We use the world top brands of electronics, pneumatics and mechanical parts

    We process all fine parts

    We hope our customer can use our machine more than 10 years



    We create new printing solutions based on European standards

    We have newly innovated machines every season

    We offer standard automations

    We also offer customized automations



    We offer the most suitable solutions for our customer

    We offer a full package service for our customer’s printing requirement

    We offer the best setup and training service in time

    All the above information for reference only, please contact us for latest information.


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