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TM-H35 Industrial Hot Air Drying Oven

TM-H35 Industrial Hot Air Drying Oven

Product Details TM-H35 Industrial Hot Air Drying Oven Small oven designed specifically for printing plate, suitable for printing plate drying after coating. Technical parameter: Video link: Feature 1. The box is made of composite materials,...

    Tamprinter Printing Machinery, one of the largest China tm-h35 industrial hot air drying oven manufacturers and suppliers, is one of the most famous brands in the world. Equipped with a professional factory, we can offer you tm-h35 industrial hot air drying oven with high precision and reliable performance in short time when you place an order. Welcome to buy our quality equipment made in China and experience our customized service.

    Product Details

     TM-H35 Industrial Hot Air Drying Oven


      Small oven designed specifically for printing plate, suitable for printing plate drying after coating.

      Technical parameter:

      Video link:




      Temperature range

      Normal to 300 degree

      Heat generated element

      Heat tube from the side

      The internal space



      Outline dimensions










      800w 220v

      4500w 220v

      Liner inside



      Optional spare parts

      A heating tube $ 20


      Electrostatic spray cold rolled sheet




      1. The box is made of composite materials, stainless steel interior, filled with insulation materials, insulation effect is good. 
      2. Selection of imported temperature control system, high precision temperature control, adjustment range. 
      3. The top of the box has an exhaust passage, gas cabinets can be easily discharged outside the workplace. 
      4. The compact design of the hot air circulation system to ensure uniform drying items heat, no deformation. 

      Constant temperature oven drying efficiency is high, the use of vacuum should not be too high to prevent the dryer burst. General pump exhaust, suction should be to prevent the suction down the safety device. Sampling should not be too fast when deflating to prevent air from flowing too quickly to break up the sample. Vacuum thermostatic dryer, also known as drying gun, the drying efficiency is higher, suitable for removing crystal water or crystalline alcohol. However, this method can only be applied to a small sample of dry, if the number of dry compounds, vacuum oven can be used. The use of dry gun, the first with a sample of small porcelain boat into the sandwich, connected to a desiccant (usually used phosphorus pentoxide) of the retractable bottle, and then use the pump decompression, pumping to a certain vacuum, The piston is closed and suction is stopped. Depending on the substance being dried, the solvent is heated (the boiling point of the solvent does not exceed the melting point of the sample), and the solvent vapor fills the outer surface of the interlayer, allowing the sample in the interlayer to dry under reduced pressure and at a constant temperature. Throughout the process, at regular intervals should be pumping a gas, in order to maintain a certain degree of vacuum.

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      1 .The guarantee time is 1 years, and maintain is lifelong.

      2. We will make sure the machine all work well before package.

      3.Your inquiry related to our product &price will be replied within 12 hours .

      4.Our company have 15 years experience in the printing file.

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    We supply different kinds of printing machines all over the world to a wide range of companies worldwide, ranging from large multinational organizations to small individual companies.

    Our main products: Screen printer, UV curing machine, IR Tunnel dryer.

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