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TM-UVIRM IR Drying Tunnel with Spraying UV Ink Curing System for Screen Printing On Cigarette Paper Packing Box

It is suitable for various paper box package: wine, alcohol, gift, cigarette paper box, etc.

    Basic Info.

    Technical Parameters

    Max.sheet size


    Min.sheet size


    Max.coating width


    Paper thickness

    80-600gsm(equipped with wind-kinfe)  200-600gsm

    Max.feeder speed

    6000 sheets/hour 3000 sheets / hour for thin paper

    Conveyor speed




    Total weight


    Total power


    This machine has independent space for every working station and it can be assemble bases the client request, So it is suitable for being used in large printing enterprise.


    This machine is a kind of high-new product integrating light, machinery and electricity with pneumatic type which can be used for both thick and thin paper, realizes whole-course automatization and adopts belt conveying with high speed and high efficiency.
    It is suitable for various paper box package: wine, alcohol, gift, cigarette paper box, ect.


    1.UV/IR coating unit

    The applicator roll after polishing, oil coated fine and smooth; Measure applicator roll speed regulation, make the oil to effectively control of coating weight precision, and simple to adjust and stability, and save the oil, roll automatic stop, automatic constant temperature the UV tank, independent split type suction inlet conveyor belt, pneumatic scraper blade.

    The machine is assembled an air knife device to help thin paper coating.

    2.IR drying tunnel

    It is an automatic constant temperature light box. It is a first drying unit. The whole process of independent suction wind chamber, teflon conveyor mesh belt can automatic correction.

    3.UV curing system (Optional: The whole/half lamp controlling)

    UV radiation can make UV light oil produce hardening, wear-resisting, paper surface brightness. Base on your necessary, you could choose adding a whole/half lamp controlling function.


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